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Its been awile
Its been awhile scene I've written here. I have been busy i could say but that's a lie. I could have written everyday a note or two as many do. I just did not take the time.  But tonight a friend of my wife noted something that made me think of just how life connects each of us. In the summer of 1969 in upstate new york Woodstock took place. My parents loaded up the old ford wagon ,hitched the tent camper on and away we went. it took us 3 days to get there from Indiana. And OMG was it a shock. what was billed as a Blue-grass fest to my Mom by my father was no were even close. Oh yes it was a grass fest but not bluegrass
I was seven and had a wonderful time there, playing with all kinds of kids from all over the US.
Blacks, Whites, Hispanic ,Native ,Asian and more it was a social mix never ever dreamed of.
We played in the mud and in the fields wile music played. people made love in the open and we just never noticed. we ran nude across the fields as my father watched the concerts and had his way with I'm sure many women as my mother set back at our camper and cooked and cussed all the things Woodstock came to be known for. I don't believe she ever forgave him for that week. But I'm thankful to him for it, I believe it had a lot to do with how I view life and sexuality today. Thanks debg for you post. Long live Rock and Roll and here's a Guinness raised to Nicky.


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