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Coming to take them away!! Ha Ha.There coming to take them away.!! Ha Ha
.There coming to take them away.!! Ha Ha   Sure they are,and if you believe that I know that the South will rise again and the Indian's are coming to get there lands back also. Every time somebody gets shot people start screaming "There coming to take the guns away". Listen to just how Fucked up you all sound.. The United states is not coming to take your guns or your ammo. The ATF has not the man power or funds to account for every gun in this country nor could they if they wanted to. And y'all have to admit there are a-lot of people who don't need even a BB gun let a loan a semi automatic military type rifle. And putting a new law into effect will not stop people from being crazy and doing stuff like the school shooting in Conn. There is already a law banning assault rifles here in the USA. A crazy person can do just as much damage with a shot-gun,hand gun(revolver or automatic) or a hunting rifle as was done with a semi automatic sports rifle. OK I know we have the 2nd amendment and in my view it needs to be reviewed and rewritten. We have a standing military and we do not need every one to have a fire arm to defend our country. Its not like Canada or Mexico is ready to invade us. I believe in Gun ownership. I have all my 51 years here on earth. I own hunting rifles ,shot guns, hand guns and I am a collector of Viet-Nam era military weapons. I as many American's love to hit the gun range and fire off a few rounds.Will I turn my guns in at a Buy back. No I will not!!
Would I register my weapons,have a psychological evaluation on record,allow a ballistics reference in a national registry and have a license to carry or purchase a fire arm and ammo. yes I would. but that would not stop gun related crime nor would it stop shootings like in that school Conn.  Arming teachers,placing police in schools, having fire fighters/ First responders wear flack vest and making area's gun free is only a feel good stop gap.
And looking to other country's and seeing how they solved gun violence problems is not solving ours nor will it. Once guns stop being a phallic symbol in our culture then laws banning types of guns will have a effect on crime.


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